Helping others the same way we would help ourselves......


The giving steam really is the heart of this operation. Yes we love to farm and Yes we love to hear wonderful comments from our customers, but what really motivates us, what really drives us, is being able to deliver food to people in crisis that wouldn't be eating without our support!


Food poverty in the UK is very real. A study undertaken in 2016 suggested that 8 million people live in households that struggle to put food on the table, with over half regularly going a whole day without eating, what makes this even more alarming is that children are caught up in this crisis.


Our company couldn't stomach this information so we set out determined to do something about

it. So what are we doing? its simple, every time a Your Farmer meal is sold, a FREE meal is

donated into The Giving Stream and will end up on the dinner plate of someone in food



The Giving Stream is an emergency feeding program that supports UK charities and

organisations who work with adults and children who have been identified as living in

food poverty. Our meals are provided FREE of charge to the organisations and are

made available 7 days a week.


As wonderful as this is, none of this can be done without the support of our customers.

Every time you sit down to enjoy a tasty Your Farmer meal you can do so in the

knowledge that you have also purchased a meal for someone hungry. Our produce is

competitively priced within today's market, with the cost of the free meal deducted from our

profits, we are fully aware that without our customers supporting our brand, none of the work

we do would be possible.


When checking-out of our online shop, you will be given the option to assign the free meals donated from your purchase to a charitable project that we are working with. Please select the organisation that you would like your free meals to be assigned to. If you can't decide, don’t worry, just select ‘You Choose’ and we will assign this to a project in need for you.


If you are a Your Farmer customer, Thank You. If you haven’t tried our produce yet, please give us a try, you will not be disappointed with the quality of our farm produce. And remember, you are not just buying a tasty meal, you are buying into something much greater, as our Director James explains below;


“I may be bias given I am part of the Your Farmer team but as a father of three, its an amazing feeling knowing that when my wife and I put five meals on the family table, we have also put five meals on another family table at no-extra cost to us, to me that’s something really special”


To find out how many meals we have distributed and what organisations we have distributed the meals through, please click on the link below, this will take you to our live count which is updated daily.


Donated Meal Count


The Giving Stream - Supporting families in food crisis!



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