The heart of our operation is our farm. The quality of our produce is dictated via the farming methods we use. With this in mind we adopted traditional farming methods right from day one. At Your Farmer we understand the importance of nature and therefore ensure that no dangerous chemicals are used on any of our farms. Nature is not just something pretty to look at when visiting a local tourist attraction, nature plays a vital role for food production and our future generations.


Please see below a list of the livestock we currently farm;


Water Buffalo (Beef)


Our herd of water buffalo enjoy a free-ranged lifestyle. During winter our cattle are housed

within our barns to help both the cattle and land endure the winter elements. During

winter our cattle still enjoy a grass fed diet as we operate a zero grazing system.

This means that if we can’t take the cattle to the grass, we bring the grass to the



Alternating a free ranging system with a winter zero grazing system

means we can feed our cattle fresh, live grass all year

round. No feed supplements are fed to the cattle, just grass. Grass

is the intended food source for cattle so its important to us that we

stick to this! Our zero grazing winter system ensures our cattle

receive the best proteins and natural sugars that grass produces

all year round.


No antibiotics or routine medication is administered to our cattle.

Our breeding program is run naturally, carefully selecting our breeding stock to breed through our

future generations.


Water buffalo is full of flavour, 50% lower in fat and 25% lower in cholesterol than beef. If you haven't tried water buffalo, what are you waiting for?


Rare Breed Pork


We opted to breed rare breed pork lines such as, Saddleback, Gloucester Old Spot, Tamworth, Large Black and Berkshire as we believe the old breeds are much more flavoursome!


Our pigs enjoy a free-range lifestyle and like our cattle are housed

inside our barns during winter. We also bring our breeding sows into

the barns to farrow so we can create a quiet and peaceful environment

for our expectant mum-to-be.


At 8 weeks of age the piglets are weaned and are then outdoors

enjoying their farm life. The sow remains in the barn for a further

two weeks to rest and re-condition before being let back out into

the fields.


We mill our own pig feed on the farm, all of which is grown within the

local area. On top of this our pigs enjoy fresh apples and vegetables as a daily treat!




Our Lambs also enjoy a free ranging lifestyle and winter outdoors,

unless the weather really turns and then we would look to bring them in.

Our Lambs enjoy a grass fed diet, no feed supplements or routine

antibiotics are administered.


We have a variety of breeds on the farm. Our breeding rams are

carefully selected to ensure we are always improving the quality of

our stock. Our Rams are put with the ewes towards the back end

of each year which gives us a very busy February and March when

the lambs start arriving.  Our sheep dog ‘Kim’ is always busy helping the

team look after the flock.


Arable Produce


As well as livestock production the Your Farmer team also produce

a vegetable crop. Potatoes, Carrots, Swede, Parsnip and Onions

are grown on the farm as well as herbs and spices.


With staggered harvest times our arable team are kept busy all year

round working the soil, producing a great tasting crop for our

customers to enjoy.


Partner Farms


Sometimes we all need a little help........



The Your Farmer team is focussed and determined to be

self-sufficient, producing 100% of its produce on farm, but with

lots of different contributing factors such as the weather, customer

demand, harvest yield or a break in our breeding program, we sometimes

have to buy-in some farm produce from our like-minded, professional, farming friends.


Should this occur we ensure we source the required produce from UK farmers that farm with the same attention to detail and professionalism we use, ensuring we can guarantee high quality produce for our customers.


Every ingredient sourced and farming partner used is recorded and disclosed to our customers through our bespoke Virtual Interaction System.




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