Welcome to our Donated Meal Count. Here you will see the organisations we have been supporting, how each organisation supports the people they work with and most importantly, how many people we have been able to help with food aid through your custom.


Our donated meal count is updated daily and time stamped every time we update. We are always looking to work with new feeding programs so keep an eye on this page for regular updates.


Every month a statement will be issued that will detail how many meals have been donated and to which charity / organisation they have been donated to. The statement will be available on this page for your viewing so please re-visit to see the amazing work we have been able to perform from your custom.


Thank You So Much for supporting the Your Farmer brand. The positive impact you are having on people who find themselves in food crisis is amazing, and this is all because you chose to treat yourself and purchase a Your Farmer meal.


Please see below some of the testimonies from the feeding programs that we work with on a daily basis.


Thanks again


The Your Farmer Team


Date the project went Live:  01/12/2017


















Last Update    23/11/2018







TGS Report November 2018

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